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K-9 Mail Locale Plug-in

Take control of your K-9! K-9 Mail Locale Plug-in gives you the power to control K-9 Mail's behavior based on time-of-day, battery level, or any other conditions which Locale can use. The plug-in lets you control mail polling frequency, push and poll mail folder choices, which visual theme K-9 will use, and more. Turn off polling to reduce battery drain at certain times of day, or when the battery is low. Or disable notifications automatically every night.

Visit the help page for more information.

K-9 Mail Locale Plug-in is free software, the source code for which can be acquired from our source access page

Locale Button Plug-in

Locale Button Plug-in is a sophisticated but easy-to-use addition to Locale that allows you to manually control when your configured Situations will fire by using convenient buttons which you can add to your home screen. The buttons can be used as Conditions to control Locale Situations, and as Settings to indicate when Situations are active. Four simple colored on/off buttons are provided as well as a very cute Maneki Neko (Welcoming Cat).

Example uses:

The help page contains instructions for how to use the buttons as both controls and indicators.

Locale Toast Plug-in

Locale Toast Plug-in is a very simple Setting Locale plug-in which lets you make a small piece of text (a Toast) popup on your Android device whenever a Sitation in Locale is fired.

Visit the help page for more information.


CardCalSync allows opening VCARD attachments and adding the including contact information to your Google contacts

Many of Boutique Software's products integrate with Locale, a powerful state management application for Android by two forty four a.m.. Boutique Software's Locale plug-ins are intended to be compatible with both Locale and other plug-ins available for Locale. However, we cannot support or guarantee compatibility with plug-ins from any source other than Boutique Software nor provide support for Locale.

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