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Locale Toast Plug-in help


Locale Toast Plug-in requires Locale version 1.0 or later for operation. Locale is available on the Android Market


Locale Toast Plug-in is a very simple plug-in which displays a small text message for a limited period of time when Locale activates a Situation. Locale Toast Plug-in is very useful as a supplement to the Locale Button Plug-in to provide additional feedback that Situations have been activated by changing the button states.

Installation and use

The only way to install Locale Toast Plug-in is to purchase it from the Android Market. In order to use the plug-in, Locale version 1.0 or later must also be installed.

Creating a Toast Setting

Click on "Add Setting" in a Locale Situation, then choose Toast.

Display duration

Choose whether the message will be displayed for a long or short time.

Message to display

A short message that you want to have displayed when Locale activates a Situation.

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